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If you are determined to make a dent in the world and are looking for leverage, perhaps we should connect and work together.

Get Involved in the UpstreamRE Initiative

If you’re interested in helping us build a platform that materially improves the real estate industry, it’s time to introduce yourself.

  1. Send me an email:
  2. Give me the elevator pitch. Tell me what’s working, what’s not or what you think will dramatically increase our adoption velocity?
  3. Let me know how you’d like to be involved (workgroup, advisory, employee, etc.)?

Does Your Start-up Need a Catalyst?

I reserve a portion of my time coaching a small handful of entrepreneurs and companies, and I guarantee results. But first, we need to establish if you are ready to work with me.

You have to be willing and able, and preferably eager to be not just constructively critiqued, but remolded and reshaped in your thoughts, your actions, and your perspectives on whatever the category. You must be very open to collaboration and a “Spartan” commitment to fanatical execution. If you’re not committed to the process, the intent, and the outcome, it’s a blatant waste.

When you are ready for someone who will make your company, your product, your business, more valuable and add more meaning in the minds and the hearts of your audience and your market, there are a few ways to work directly with me.

Advisory Service

Have access to an experienced “C” level operator during those critical growth periods who will help with:

  • Understanding, adopting and maximizing business models
  • Strategic innovation that scales
  • Marketing and product development with a bias toward testing and velocity
  • Sales process optimization
  • Financial analysis, modeling and capital efficiency
  • Optimization and maximization of people and processes
  • Creating raving fans and cultures that thrive

Investment “Pitch Deck” Review and Consulting

An enormous amount of “pitch” consulting is theoretical and done by wonderfully-intended and knowledgeable people, but their empirical understanding of the complexities of fundraising is limited, particularly regarding deal structures. There’s more to it than a professionally designed PowerPoint and speech coaching.

  • As a venture capitalist, I reviewed over 300 pitch decks per year and hundreds of actual pitches.
  • Every month as an angel investor, I help prepare potential investments for their event pitches.
  • As an operator, I’ve successfully raised for multiple companies and had two successful exits.

Tap into my distilled expertise and create a compelling structure and story will raise your round faster. Additionally, I will help you understand the nuances of different deal structures (convertible debt, equity, etc.) and test your assumptions on valuation.

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