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Operator, investor and preeminent growth catalyst for early stage companies.
Alex Lange

Changing the Game… Winning Stakeholder Strategies for Stunning Project Success

For years, the best operators that ran the largest and most complicated projects had a secret weapon in their arsenal. It wasn’t the obvious skills wielded by the project management professionals or the skill competency of the technicians or the negotiation finesse of the business development team. It was effective stakeholder management. But Read more...


Grasp the Importance of Product/Market Fit

You’ve been focused on your product for what seems like years. You’ve perfected your business model canvas. You’ve even found an amazing technical co-founder and have launched your beta. You’ve read everything you can on fundraising and have worked diligently on your pitch deck. Investors are beginning to show signs of interest, and Read more...


SaaS Metrics – CAC to LTV Ratio

Traditional business metrics (revenue, margin, etc.) fail to capture key factors that drive performance in companies that leverage a reoccurring revenue model. Additional SaaS metrics such as MRR, ARR, CMRR, CAC, Churn Rate and LTV in addition to creating actionable ratios can make a big difference in measuring the health of your company Read more...