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Operator, investor and preeminent growth catalyst for early stage companies.
Alex Lange

Snackable Info: Interrogate Your Expenses

Controlling expenses is always the low hanging fruit for driving and maximizing profits and cash flow in any business. Do you know what to do and where to look to increase your profitability by 50% in the next 90 days? I guarantee it exists. Read more...


What Billions Can Teach Entrepreneurs

I work with startups every day. At times as, an advisor. At times a supplier. Often, I’m asked to invest or help raise money. As I review various pitch decks, I see the same theme over and over. Entrepreneurs, in love with their “baby,” focus too much on their product and how it’s Read more...


Thirty Days Swimming Upstream

It’s been one month since I dove in head first as CEO of Upstream. After assessing the landscape, interviewing stakeholders, reviewing the project’s history and rooting out issues, I found a common theme that when done well, has facilitated our success. When done poorly, has exacerbated risk, stakeholder tension and resistance to adoption. Read more...